The working steps 1-st underground check before wallpapering 2-nd
wallpaper amount determine 3. If 4 cut. Einkleistern 5-th points of the
wallpaper 6-th adherence 7-th window 8-th doors tip: While wallpapering
always the protections unscrew, before you dismantle counter and
outlets. 1. Examine of the subsoil the subsoil should be dry cleanly,
firmly, and be free of tear. Anew plastered walls must be undercoated.
Old distempers must be removed. To rust spots are before him wallpaper
to block off. Varnish colours anlaugen and undercoat. 2-nd wallpaper
amount investigate to the inquiry of the wallpaper amount the size of
the wallpaper role is decisive, this size is genormt (eurorole) and
amounts to 10.05 metres and in the width 0.53 metres in the length. Rule
of thumb: Normal space height to 2.50 m proves per role without pattern
4 roads and with pattern 3 roads. Number of the wallpaper roads = space
circumference: Wallpaper width (result always round up) road length =
space height + report (only with pattern wallpaper) + addition (approx.
5-10cm) number of the roads role = role length: Road length (result
always round) example: Space length = 5.20-m space = 4.00-m space = 2.55
numbers of the roads: 5.20 m + 5.20 m + 4.00 m + 4.00 m = 18.40 m
18.40: 0.53 = 34.72 (round up) = 35 roads number of the roads role:
10.05 m: 2.60 m = 3.87 (round) = 3 roads role of number of the roles:
35: 3 = 11.67 round up = 12 roles in this arithmetic example windows and
doors übermessen, i.e. not drawn off, so will have you enough material
for blend and pattern. Nevertheless, with big window fronts or many
doors you should draw off the respective widths of the windows and doors
from the space circumference and calculate the wallpaper malice highly
and below the windows, as well as above the doors in each case
individually taking into account a blend addition.