Floor coverings

Wood, grass and bark which material, in the end, where in the house the upper class forms, depends on the respective demand as well as the aesthetic claims of the builder-owners. From the purse of course also. Grounds of massive wood whether in the form of parquet or planking, are extremely lasting. They were sealed earlier in general with varnish and can be polished in the case of damage a few times and varnished anew. If one merely wants to mend and complement, one takes some pattern from the specialised trade with home and compares on site grain and tones, so that a consistent picture originates. Ready parquet and ready floorboards are a little more favorable and more form-stable, because they exist of carrier records from timber product which are provided with a thin fine wood benefit layer. One finds a building material which is botanical seen, actually, a grass lately more often in the form of massive parquet in the assortments: Bamboo. Manufacturers of bamboo parquet praise it as tough, loadable and ecological perfectly, because it grows in the record tempo. Quite without any hurry against it the bark of the cork oak grows again. Where no springy, damming up foundation is possible, it still elastic and should be foot-warm, possibly in the children’s room, a layer from cork or cork granulate material is possible.